marți, 4 octombrie 2011

Simple moments. Pure passion

1. Coming home tired and have no one to criticise you.

2. Watching falling stars in a dark night.

3. Drinking hot chocolate with a dear friend.

4. Falling asleep in someone else's arms.

5. Having enough time.

6. Contemplating the colors of a sunset.

7. Listening the wind dancing through the autumn leaves.

8. Laughing for no particular reason.

9. Staying late in night day dreaming.

10. Enjoying a moment of silence in two.

11. Creating a little bit of magic around you.

12. Having a day when nothing bad happend.

13. Surprising a flower blossoming.

14. Discovering something new to an old friend. :) something good

15. A kiss that make time stop.

16. Feeling safe and protected, love and appreciated.

17. Waking up with a smile on your lips.

18. Finding your inner power to rise and shine after a rainy mood.

19. Feeling alive.

20. Nothing compares with a good warm hug.