marți, 23 octombrie 2012

Breakable & Unbreakable

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi

- You have a thing for breaking things.
- Yap. I do. I break all the things I like ... so stay away.
- Then I take breakable as a challenge! (I'm not breakable ... she wished to have said, but she knew that wasn't true at all, at least with him.)

"... must be heartbroken!
No, heart's don't really break, they can stop, they can lick, but they can't really break."

"You block and waste your energy protecting yourself."

An open heart can't break, a closed one definetely can.
An open heart is a space filled with warmth, light and love. There's nothing there that can be broken or hurt.
When we are afraid, scared or sad our hearts easily close. Sometimes is a smooth process, you are not always present at the little changes that happen inside you. Othertimes is quite harsh, everything happens suddenly and you are present to your every single feeling. It hurts. And with every painful experience you close your heart, gathering the pain, and you close it a little more and more and more till the point where you can't squizz it anymore because it got broken. It's not any mistery, it's just physics.

The biggest power we have is to assume our emotions.

So, at least from time to time, let your heart feel free, let your heart run wild, let your heart love completly.

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